Work process

Phase 1

E-Twinning is the platform we use in order to organise our work process. This is the procedure we are going to follow:

Task 1: Teachers introduction.                                                      The teachers instroduce ourselves in Twinspace, on the Teachers Corner section.

Task  2: Adding students to Twinspace.                                        We add the Folkloricity students to Twinspace, so they can meet each other online and have regular contact.  To do this, we create a script of 10 agreed questions, such as ” Who is your favorite singer?, What pets do you have in your house?, What is your hobby?, What´s your favourite movie? Which animal would you like to be?” etc.

Task  3: Students introductions                                                    After being added to Twinspace,students edit their profile and write a text that describes them following the script of the 10 previously agreed questions. They also add their picture or an avatar that represents them.

Task  4: School introduction                                                              The students introduce their schools by making video or presentations.

Task  5: City Introduction                                                              The students introduce their city live by making videos or presentations.

Task 6: Transnational teams                                                    Teachers create the transnational pupil teams , 6 to 8 students approximately.  Each team has got a teacher administrator. The students of these teams communicate through a forum thread called “Name your team”

Phase 2

Task 1                                                                                        Teachers welcome the students in the project Diary and start the first activity.                                                                                         Forum: Who is who?                                                              Students discover to which team they belong on the general page and read their classmates’ profiles to get to know about them. They prepare riddles with the information about the other students so that their teammates guess who they are writing about. In the forum, the student greets and leaves a puzzle in the forum of his team based on the information of the partner’s profile. From there, the next student who follows the thread should leave a response to the previous puzzle before leaving their own puzzle.
They must take turns and each student must leave at least one puzzle for each classmate. All students must participate. There are no puzzles limit, but you cannot continue until the previous puzzle is solved:  Students prepare puzzles about their partners using the profile information and share them in the forum for others to guess.

Task 2: Create a Logo for FOLKLORICITY                                    Students create logos for the project, which are going to be put to the vote so we can have the one to represent the Folkloricity project.

Task 3                                                                                                     Creating of a Facebook group for communication and dissemination of our group activities.

Task 4                                                                                                    Online meetings among teachers.

Task 5                                                                                                     Online meetings among students.








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