C1 : 1st mobility to Spain

                   STUDENTS’ EXCHANGE


Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th :                                                              Arrivals of the Finnish, Romanian and Greek teams. Welcoming  barbeque with paella and other Spanish food.

Monday 28th :                                                                                         8.15 : Arrive at school                                                                       8:30  :  Welcome ceremony at the Culture House                             9.15  : School: Student presentations (students present their countries)  11:00 :  Tour of the high school facilities                                                11.15  :  Breakfast break                                                                  11.45-12.45 : School: Ice breaker activities                                              12.45-13.45 : School: International Choir rehearsal                                  After school:                                                                                        Students: Lunch with host families                                                  Teachers: Lunch at El Tosca in Hinojos                                          Afternoon:                                                                                            Teachers: Tour around Hinojos                                                          Students: Free time with families

Tuesday 29th                                                                                        8.15 : School: Interntional Choir rehearsal                                              9.15  :  School:Flamenco dance workshop                                       10.45 : Break/Typical Spanish Breakfast at a cafe in town for Erasmus group
11.15  :  Breakfast break                                                                          11.45 : School: Rhythm workshop                                                          12.45 : Primary school visit (presentations about Doñana Natural Park and the Spanish Education System)                                                      13.45 : Departure to Doñana Natural Park Tour (4 hours). Pack lunch.  20.00: Arrival at Hinojos                                                                    Students: Dinner with host families
Teachers: Dinner on their own

Wednesday 30th                                                                                     8.15 : School: International Choir rehearsal                                             9.15  :  Cultural tour of Seville. Cathedral, Giralda Tower, Alcazar Palace, Maria Luis Park, Plaza de Espana – bike ride around the park.  Evening:                                                                                                19:00  Dinner in Seville
21: 00 Return to Hinojos

Thursday 31st                                                                                  8.15 : School: International Choir rehearsal – Culture House            9.15 : Andalusian cooking workshop                                              11.15  :  Breakfast break                                                                   11.45 : Depart for Culture House – all students at the school          12:15 : Final Show and Farewell Ceremony. Intrenational Choir Performanec and other acts                                                                13: 00 : Return to school. Farewell Party Flamenco dresses for our guests                                                                                                    Evening:                                                                                              Students: Lunch with host families                                                        Teachers: Lunch at La Choza restaurant

Friday, November 1st                                                                    Departure day


Mobility to Spain 

The 1st mobility of Folkloricity: Living Culture was from Sat. 26th Fri. 1st Nov. 2019 to Hinojos, Huelva, Spain. The participating countries –Romania, Greece, Finland- arrived on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday afternoon there was a welcoming barbeque on the outskirts of the city in a wonderful pine trees area, with paellas and other delicious Spanish food. The students met their host families there.

On Monday there was the official reception at the Cultural House of Hinojos. The cocrdinator of the project, the principal of the school and the mayor of the city addressed the delegations of the participating countries. Then, back in school, students of the 4 countries made presentations about the culture, History and tradition of their countries. A tour to the school facilities followed and ice breaking activities. The program of the 1st day ended with the first rehearsal of the students’ choir.

On Tuesday, the day started with the choir rehearsal. Then we had a flamenco class. We tasted traditional Spanish breakfast at a restaurant in the city. Back to school we experienced a rhythm class and then visited the primary school of Hinojos. The young students there presented the Spanish educational system to us and the National Park of Doñana , which we visited later in the day. Doñana is an important National park with dunes, pine forests, cedar trees and marshes. It has rich biodiversity. It neighbours the city of Hinojos and it reaches the Atlantic ocean. We saw deer, eagles, wild boars, horses and cows.

Wednesday was also an exciting day. After the choir rehearsal we left for a trip to Sevilla. It’s a beautiful city with numerous cultural treasures and the Guadalkivir river flowing through it. We visited the Cathedral, enjoyed a panoramic view from the Giralda bell tower, went to the Alcazar palace and toured the Maria Luisa park by bikes.


On Thursday the students’ choir had their last rehearsal including the recording of the 4 songs. A class of traditional Andalusian cuisine followed. The final show was held in the House of Culture. The project’s program closed in the school’s gym, where, all dressed in flamenco dresses, enjoyed a farewell feast in the Spanish way.


The program of the meeting was well structured and organized and offered the visiting countries knowledge, entertainment and contact with the Spanish way of living, culture and tradition. Our students enjoyed staying with their Spanish host families and created strong bonds with their Spanish friends. A lifetime experience!





       C2 : 2nd mobility to Finland

                      STUDENTS’ EXCHANGE


Sunday 16th Arrival day 

Monday 17th                                                                                    8.15 Arrival at school building                                                           8.30 Welcome ceremony at auditorium                                            9.00 Students’ presentations (country + culture)                                Tour of High School                                                                               11.40 Lunch at school canteen                                                                 12.30-13.30 Ice-skating and ice breaking activities at Areena ice hall  + Hot chocolate and Finnish cinnamon bun ”korvapuusti”              14.00-16.00 International choir rehearsal                                              16.00-17.00 Free time                                                                       17.00 – 20.00 Christmas-party at Kruukkila and traditional Finnish Christmas meal

 Tuesday 18th                                                                                        9.00 International choir rehearsal                                                    10.00-11.30 Cross country skiing + walking on snowshoes                     11.40 Lunch at school cantee                                                                  12.15-14.00 Musical workshop with Johanna                                          14.00 Students: Free time with host/host family                    Teachers: Visit to Finnish homes (Minna/Johanna)                          18.00-19.30 Women´s choir rehearsal –visit (teachers only)

 Wednesday 19th                                                                              8.00 International choir rehearsal                                                          9.00-15.00 Trip to Village Shop Tuuri                                             15.00 Sauna-evening and sledding at Evangelic Institute, possibility (weather permitting) for ice-swimming, grilled sausage and salad

 Thursday 20th                                                                                    8.00-9.30 Visit to Primary School at Himmeli town hall                        9.40-10.30 Visit to Secundary School (possibility to follow lessons in different subjects)                                                                          10.30-11.40 Final rehearsal of international choir and recording of songs                                                                                                  11.40 Lunch at school canteen                                                       12.30-13.30 Farewell ceremony: choir performance, students’ videos (school + town), folclore artist performance, Kalevala-presentation       13.30-17.00 Free time                                                                    17.00-18.30 Farewell dinner at restaurant Hertta                            18.30- Students: Free time with host family

 Friday 21st  : Departure day


Mobility to Finland

The 2nd mobility of Folkloricity was from 16/2/20 to 21/2/20 to Karstula, Finland. Karstula is a city in central Finland, surrounded by a large lake. The Finnish partners welcomed the other 3 countries on Sunday Febr. 16th and the students met their friends and settled in the host families. The teachers settled in the hotel where the Finnish teachers offered a pizza dinner.


On Monday 17th, the official welcome reception and opening of the program took place in the auditorium of the Karstulan Lukio. The principal, the teachers and students of the school, as well as the Mayor of the city were there to greet us. Then, students of the 4 countries made presentations about the culture, History and tradition of their countries. A tour to the school facilities followed and ice breaking activities in the ice skating Arena where we were offered traditional Finnish pastries and delicious hot chocolate.


The program of the 1st day continued  with the first 2-hour rehearsal of the students’ choir. In the evening there was a traditional Christmas feast, prepared for the visitors in the Krokyyla oldest house of Karstula. We celebrated Christmas again, in the Finnish way! With plenty of food, carols and received presents from Santa Claus!!


On Tuesday 18th, the program started with the choir rehearsal and went on with hiking in the snow covered neighbouring forest. We ascended the highest hill of the area and then climbed on the top of a wooden tower, where we admired a panoramic view of the district with vast forests and frozen lakes. Back to school, we attended a music workshop by the Finnish music teacher.


On Wednesday 19th, after the choir rehearsal, we took a trip to the Village Shop Tuuri . In the afternoon, our students experienced sauna by the banks of the lake and we enjoyed dinner with grilled sausage and salads. The students performed a happening there. In groups they put up a small act where they included elements of the project and the traditions of their countries.


On Thursday 20th, we visited the city’s Primary school at Himmeli town hall. Then  we had the opportunity to attend classes in the Karstulan Lukio. In the following last rehearsal the auditorium, the recording of the 4 songs took place.


The final show followed, including the performance of the choir, videos about the partners’ school and cities and live traditional Finnish music.



In the evening there was the closing farewell feast, where the students and the teachers received their certificates of attendance.


It was a wonderful week  during which the visitors enjoyed the Finnish way of living, a great hospitality and acquired new knowledge on culture and traditions of Finland. The students were enthusiastic with  the hospitality of their host families.